Do We Benefit From the Death of Our Parents?

DSCN0915This is not a blog about financial inheritance.

This is a blog in response to my brother’s piece entitled, “When Our Parent’s Kick The Bucket”. He writes about the emotional maturity, wisdom, grace and “enlightenment” we can obtain if our parents died early enough at a time in our lives that we could potentially benefit from their demise.

The first time I read his blog, I cried. I cried because anytime someone talks about how incredible our parents were, I’m moved in ways beyond articulation. As well, I liked the idea that I could somehow personally benefit from an experience of grief, like fertilizer for an anticipated bloom; the possible notion that my grief was for some better purpose.

I told him I would comment on his blog after I had come back from a visit with mom and dad out east. Read more…

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The Art of Medicine

Actually, I could have called this blog “Dr. Pamela Wible MD“, and it would have been just as accurate.

Dr. Wible is a general family physician practicing in Oregon, who, along with her TED talk, has also written a book called ‘Pet Goats and Pap Smears‘.

Every physician must read this book, for their own health and humanity.

Every patient must read this book, so that they can give it to their own physicians. Read more…

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ALS Treatments Part 4

March 19, 2014 14 comments

images March 31st of this year will be the 15th anniversary of my mom’s death. ALS took her life. It is a despicable disease. I’ve written about it for the past 2 years, here, here, here, here, and here.

I write this blog, – especially this ALS blog – for my family. In the (unlikely) event my maternal grandmother was misdiagnosed and she actually had ALS, I want my loved ones to know what is happening in the world of ALS. By keeping up to date with information, I honour my mother and I honour my family.

Read more…

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I’m a Born-Again Dog Lover

February 20, 2014 2 comments

DSCN0626Yesterday I knew without a doubt, that I had graduated into the realm of being a born-again dog lover.

It wasn’t always that way.  I was pretty much neutral about dogs most of my life, even though I’ve had one dog or another for the past 35 years.  The only reason I have had various dogs over these years was because my husband and children were the dog lovers in the family.

For a non dog-lover back then, I definitely got the short end of the stick.  Can you guess who did all of the crappy jobs?   Read more…

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What’s With People in Smithers Avoiding Wheat and Gluten?

February 16, 2014 6 comments

unknown-1People in Smithers are very, very smart.

Okay, that’s the short answer to the question.

Actually it isn’t just people who live in Smithers who are avoiding wheat and/or gluten and/or grain en masse.  It’s pretty much global at this point.

The impetus of  this blog came about after I attended a medical conference this past weekend in Smithers.  The lectures were given by an assortment of professionals:  specialists, GPs and a pharmacist.

The first lecture was given by a general surgeon who travels to rural Smithers to administer necessary care.  He made a query and comment regarding the dumbfounding number of people in this town who have removed wheat from their diet.  “What’s with that?”, he rhetorically asked.  His tone was mildly derogatory, and his comments were followed by sarcastic snickers from the GPs in the audience.  These were the kind of snickers that clearly spelled out the phrase, “This is nonsense!”  (short of a definitively diagnosed celiac disease or an IgE-mediated wheat or gluten allergy).

I felt my face go red.   Read more…

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Resurrection of a Basketball Dream

February 6, 2014 4 comments

UnknownAfter my rant a few months ago, I did what any 10 year old wanting to pursue a dream would do:   whine and complain to the powers that be, to change what needed to be changed.

After realizing that the dream of playing B-ball with my sweetheart into my late 70s was not going to happen without some annoying whining, I set out on an e-mail letter writing campaign to all of the mature athletes who would listen to me.  I wrote about my 40 year history of playing basketball;  I wrote about some of the injuries that had transpired during morning ball over the years:  a detached retina, a severed ACL, and fractured ribs to name but a few;  and I wrote about my sincere and genuine desire to avoid any further injuries in any player, especially the “fragile” oldies like myself and my husband who take longer to heal than the young’uns.

And guess what?  The squeaking wheel got the grease. Read more…

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Daphne Moser 1946 – 2014

January 19, 2014 2 comments

Unknown-1This past Friday I attended the funeral of an exceptional woman.

Daphne Moser was the Anglican minister of the Anglican churches in the Bulkley valley.

I first met Daphne at the St. John’s Anglican church in Quick.  Once a year, our family would attend Christmas Eve services at this quaint little church powered by candlelight and woodstove.  The presence she exuded was always warm and gentle.

It wasn’t until I needed her assistance that I understood the loving depth of her character. Read more…

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